Mobile Solar Panels

I’ve spent a bit of time searching the forum and the Internet in general hoping to find an answer to this question with no luck. I travel longish-term in an RV and setup my solar panels each time we stay somewhere for a while. I’d love to be able to (within HA) know what the optimal panel angle is for that day (or month, etc) when I get to a new spot as well as have a solar forecast automatically updated to my new location/panel angle. Are there any long-term RV or boat folks who have something that accomplishes this? I haven’t found ANYTHING that handles the optimal angle part and the Forecast.Solar integration makes you hardcode parameters at setup versus making changes via a service call (to allow for dynamic updating). I’ve already got my ‘home’ location in HA being updated automatically by a GPS device, so I just need a service call option so I don’t have to manually update/recreate the integration.

Thanks a ton in advance!