Modbus AC Integration - RTU Framing Supported?

Hi there,

I am about to order an AC and I want to integrate it in Home Assistant. It offers an RS 485 Modbus interface. Unfortunately I never worked with modbus and I have trouble integrating it in into HA.

The available documentation is very hard to find, therefore I will attach some screenshots (since we cannot upload PDFs here).

It seems to me it uses Modbus RTU Framing (Modbus Protocol)

Right now I have no clue how to provide a valid YAML configuration for the Modbus integration.
It would be great if someone could have a look at this protocol and give a hint how to proceed.

The document says UART, I asked the technical support, they confirmed that the device adheres to the modbus protocol.

Thanks a lot!

Maybe a more general question would be: Does the HA Modbus integration support RTU Framing?

As far as I understood I have to provide an address for every register / coil / … let’s say data point.
In this case a given address returns more than just one data point, rather an array of data.

How would you (if even possible) put that in a Yaml file?

No idea at all?