Modbus: adding number and select platforms?

I believe it will be great if Modbus component will integrates also the numbers and select platforms.
I’m using a DIY wallbox to charge my car that uses Modbus protocol, and has:

  • EVSE Status: 0=car disconnectd, 1=car connected, 2=charging …
    It will be perfect to see the status name instead of the plain value

  • EVSE Mode: 0=OFF, 1=using only solar power, 2=solar+25% grid power, 3=solar+50% grid power, …
    Also in this case a select will be perfect, with the ability to see current mode and change it

  • EVSE MaxCurrent: a value from 0 (disabled) to 40 A (depending by the cable used to charge the vehicle): an entity “number” will be perfect to enter the right value

  • Max Grid Power: I should set the max power available from the electrical grid, for example 6000W:
    even in this case a number entity should be used, to set my available power.

Thanks a lot.