Modbus address question

Dear Home Assistant Community,
I am trying to read the battery charging type from an Epever UP-Hi inverter/charger but the Epever documentation has me lost.

Information from Epever:
Electricity 1 Charging Status
Address: 3511
D15 ~D14 , 00 Normal input voltage , 01 Low input voltage , 02 High input voltage , 03 No connect to the input power , etc . D13 ~D12 , Output power 00 -Light load , 01 -Medium load , 02 -Nominal load , 03 - Overload
D5 Busbar over -voltage , D6 Busbar under -voltage , D7 Input over current , D8
abnormal output voltage , D9 Heat sink overheating , D10 Hardware over -voltage , D11 Short circuit , D4 Low temperature , D3~2 Charging status 00 No charging , 01
Float charging , 02 Boost charging , 03 Equalizing charging D0. 1 Run , 0 Standby

The address is 3511 but i do not understand what the ‘D3~2’ means (from what i can find it refers to specific data bits but not sure) and more importantly how to split address 3511 to just read D3~2 in configuration.yaml

I would be really grateful if anyone has the time to explain this to me or provide some pointers please.

Kind regards