Modbus between Shelly 3EM and Sungrow Inverter

Summary: How can I set up modbus gateway with esphome between inverter and Shelly 3EM?

I can read data from Sungrow inverter with modbus tcp. Thanks to GitHub - MatterVN/ModbusTCP2MQTT: Sungrow & SMA Solar Inverter addon for Home Assistant using mobusTCP. I can get all values of 3 phases with Shelly 3EM. Unfortunately I don’t have a limiter. Shelly 3EM does not have modbus either. Can I send the power values that read from Shelly 3EM to the inverter with the help of an esp32? I have TTL-RS485 component for esp32 and modbus.

With default esphome: no.

You need write the code to emulate a modbus slave.

In theory it seems possible, right? Now I should find registers and data types to emulated it.

Did you find a solution? I got the same problem but I have no idea how to do it.

I just have seen your topic.
There is a new Shelly Pro 3EM with Modbus

did you find a solution ? it’s actual for now …