Modbus climate not showing target_temperature

Hello, i am automating my Magnum Heating floor heating with my magnum w-controller. So I bought a Elfin-EW11 and configured modbus tcp. if i use modbus poll i can see it is working. current temperature is in register 1101 and target temperature is in register 1107 (needs to be devided by 100). see picture, the temperature in the living is 24.6 degrees and 18.5 is set.


when i configure homeassistant in the yaml configuration:


  • name: hub1
    type: tcp
    host: x.x.x.x
    port: 502
    • name: Woonkamer_temperatuur
      slave: 1
      data_type: int
      data_count: 1
      scale: 0.01
      offset: 0
      precision: 1
      max_temp: 30
      min_temp: 15
      temp_step: 0.5
      temperature_unit: C
      target_temp_register: 1107
      current_temp_register: 1101
      current_temp_register_type: input

and i configure a thermostat in the lovelace only the current temperature is given. it looks like the target temperature is not working.


i think i am missing something.

Hi Alex,

Did you ever get this working right?
I also own a W-controller from Magnum and want to be able to take control more.

Thank you,


Yes I did, I called magnum and asked for all the registers of the modbus.

After that I made a sensor of every thermostat (2x cooling and heating).

After that I used a conditional card to switch between cooling and heating, I can also ajust every thermostat now.

Hi Alex, I have the same Magnum controller. I purchased the Elfin convertor as you mentioned. Can you share the steps you’ve taken to get this setup working?