Modbus component over tcpip hub?


Investigating the ModBus component i was wondering if it would be possible to read my Modbusses that are connected to a energy metering hub, which i can reach over tcpip. The configuration documentation only describes direct connection, for as far as i understand it now, so i call on this forums xpertise.

heres a graph of my connection:


I can read the mqtt stream of the Smart meter and modbus devices as managed by the hub. Was hoping to read them directly using the Modbus component.



I have a Measurlogic DTS 310 power meter that can be polled via modbus tcpip. I added the modbus component as detailed here: and

my sensor.yaml file looks like this:

- platform: modbus
    - name: VoltsA
      unit_of_measurement: Volts
      slave: 1
      register: 2
      scale: 0.01
      precision: 2
    - name: VoltsB
      unit_of_measurement: Volts
      slave: 1
      register: 3
      scale: 0.01
      precision: 2

I have multiple modbus tcpip devices and had to write python scripts (using pymodbus) to poll the other devices and load the data into HA via the API. I never figured out how to add multiple modbus tcpip devices into a single HA instance.

As long as you have the register list including register type (i.e. Discrete Input, Holding Register, Coil, Input Register) this should be fairly straight forward.


just to be precise here, are you connecting to the modbus over tcpip, or to the powermeter, which in its turn is connected to the modbusses. The latter would be my configuration. I can not connect to the modbus directly, since they don’t have ip addresses…

I see now I posted a wrong picture… sorry for that, it shows my DMSR connection, which has nothing to do with a modbus… duh.

Here’s the correct one:


My power meter actually has an IP address assigned so I can communicate directly with it.

There is also Modbus over a serial connection - Would that work in your case? I’m not sure what that bridge-usbart device is. Can you provide mfr/model information?

the bridge is in my Iungo hub, afraid i don’t have any mfr/model numbers.

Ill give the Iungo dev’s a call, hope they can provide some assistance.