Modbus Configuration - Temperature Setpoint not passing to device

Hi everyone

I am having some trouble with my Modbus Climate configuration - I have setup a fan coil device through a serial device server RS485 to Ethernet (Model USR-TCP232-410S) and using a RTUOVERTCP setup.

I can see the holding registers on the device and setup entities in HA no problem. But when I am trying to setup a thermostat I cannot see to able to control the temp setpoint from HA - when you move the slider or enter a value this is not reflected in the fan coil - When I change the setpoint on the fancoil controller it is reflected in HA. Also when I use other Modbus polling software I can change the setpoint and alter various settings.

Not sure what I am doing wrong - any help would be great

Here is an error from the log

Here is my config

yalm Screenshot 2022-04-03 114455

Using the standard thermostat in lovelace

gauge Screenshot 2022-04-03 114427

Some addtional info - When I setup the RS485 to ETH to Modbus TCP and the yalm to Modbus TCP mode again I can read the holding registers fine no issues but still cant pass on the values of the setpoint from HA to the fan coil

Here are the error messages from the log