Modbus entities not recorded as numbers


So i have a number of Modbus entities created that are getting information from a Victron device. However they are not being recorded as numbers rather as a state wich is causing the history to not show as a graph.

Below is the config

- name: "Victron"
  close_comm_on_error: true
  delay: 5
  timeout: 5
  type: tcp
  port: 502
    - name: "Solar Power"
      scan_interval: 10
      slave: 238
      address: 789
      scale: 0.1
      precision: 1.00
      unique_id: "6aa9ca5c-3aad-403b-a3d9-ed0f0b5e69e7"

Is there a way to manualy configure the data to show as a number such that a graph is shown?

Yes. All you need to do is add a unit_of_measurement: to your sensor.

That did it, thank you kindly

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