ModBus issue on NZR EcoCount SL 85 - read energy via ModBus RTU

This is my configuration, the log says [homeassistant.components.modbus.modbus] modbus NZR_EcoCount communication open.
But the sensor is unavailable…what’s wrong with my code?

  - name: NZR_EcoCount
    type: serial
    port: /dev/ttyUSB0
    baudrate: 9600
    bytesize: 8
    method: rtu
    parity: N
    stopbits: 1
    delay: 0
    message_wait_milliseconds: 30
    timeout: 5
      - name: "Total Energy Heatpump kWh"
        unique_id: "total_energy_heatpump_kwh"
        unit_of_measurement: "kWh"
        slave: 1
        address: 30000 #register address according to 
        precision: 2
        data_type: float32
        device_class: energy
        state_class: total_increasing