Modbus RS485 - Need assistance to setup thermostat BecaSmart BHT-1000 Modbus

Hi all,
I’m pretty new to HA and have one challenge where your support would help me a lot. I need to integrate thermostats BecaSmart BHT-1000 via modbus.

My current status:

  1. I connected the Thermostat via a USB-Adapter. // Status: I can’t see the USB device under discovery. Should I?

  2. configruation.yaml
    I added what I found regarding modbus serial adapters in the //Modbus intergration .


#Modbus for Thermostats
    - name: "Thermostat1"
      close_comm_on_error: true
      delay: 5
      timeout: 5
      type: serial
      baudrate: 9600
      bytesize: 8
      method: rtu
      parity: E
      port: /dev/ttyUSB0
      stopbits: 1
  1. Dashboard: Does not show anything yet.
  2. I know that I now need to configure read/write but I’m unfortunately lost how to configure this.

I would really appreciate if someone could support me with this setup!



Modbus Details of the Thermostat