Modbus scale not working probably (no digits behind comma)

I use a modbus Thermometer and I recently realized that there are no more digits behind the comma. After a short investigation I found out that the problem appeared after the following update: 2024.2 (Which contains the following: Allow modbus “scale” to be negative. #109965)

Here is my config for the Sensor:

 - name: Aussen Temperatur
        unique_id: modbus_temp_Aussen
        slave: 21
        address: 0
        scan_interval: 600
        unit_of_measurement: °C
        state_class: measurement
        scale: 0.1
        offset: -40

Example: Temperatur is 11.7°C
Input from modbus register: 517
517 / 10 - 40 = 11.7
But the output is always rounded. In this cat it says 12.0°C

Do I have to change the configuration or what’s the problem. I didn’t change the config. I only made the update. Thanks for any hint!

There seams to be a new (at least to me) parameter: precision
Standard is set to 0
precision: 1 and als is working fine again