Modbus setup to connect to PLC

I’ve had a simple HA setup for a while now but would like to add Modbus capability to it. I can’t seem to find any good resources with examples. I tried following the Modbus page but honestly I’m used to industrial automation setup and configuration which is pretty straight forward and doesn’t require much code writing.
I have a weather station and a Sense power monitoring device that I’d like to start sending those readings to the PLC via Modbus registers so that I can display them on an HMI in the garage. Which will also eventually turn into a nice touchscreen controller once I get the communications figured out.
What do I need to do / write in order to connect HA to this PLC and send something like the incoming voltage reading to a Modbus register in the PLC?
I’m very familiar with setting up the PLC, I only need help on the HA side of things.

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