Modbus slave read issue

I am seeing a new issue with my Modbus config for my SolarEdge inverter that was not there before.
I am reading both AC Power Value and Scale Factor in a single read:with this config:

  - name: SolarEdge
    type: tcp
    port: 1502
      - name: SolarEdge_P
        slave: 1
        address: 40083
        data_type: int16
        slave_count: 1
        scan_interval: 5

This always worked fine with a smooth curve for AC Power. But now I see that the AC Power Value and Scale Factor are not in sync, so the Scale Factor has already changed but the Value not yet. With this I see spikes in the curve now…

What has changed so that whenever the Scale Factor changes I get to see this peak?! So, e.g. it should go from (29800, -1) to (29900, -1) to (3000, 0) - so from 2980 to 2990 to 3000 but it actually reads (28900, -1) and (29900, 0) and (3000, 0) which gives a spike since this means 2890 to 29900 to 3000…
So again what has changed in the Modbus config as this was not there before as far as I know.

Thanks, Rene.