MODbus switch


Can somebody point me in the good direction?
I’m having troubles in switching succesfully on and off a dupline domotica controller by modbus TCP.

With the code below I can turn on the light once, afterthat the status can’t be changed by HASS nor by the domotica contoller it self I need to manualy ‘reset’ the coil(with modbus logger) in order to have a working system.
This due to the modbus register keeps the status ON as the system expects a signal from a push button.

How can I add a toggle function?
Or are there better solutions?

  platform: modbus
  slave: 1
    - name: Keuken
      coil: 5394

Thx :slight_smile:


I have the same dupline controller and I’ve been struggling to connect it with hass directly or node-red…

In a python/modbuslib script I have I managed to control switches by sending 1 or true for a second and then 0 or false. This works without issues. However, I have not managed to replicate that to hass/nodered…

Have you managed to make any better progress with this?

Thank you,