Modbus to mqtt?

Hello to all,
I would like to read about traffic on an existing modbus network. There is already a master and a slave in the network communicating with each other.
I would like to read the data that the master requests from the slave. I bought a modbus tcp converter. If I set it up as a client,
I have the ability to replicate the traffic on an ip and port that I decide (I would like to redirect it to homeassistant).
I was thinking of converting this traffic from modbus to mqtt. Can it make sense? Do you have any suggestions? Is there any project / integration already done?
Thank you all

HA modbus is master only.

Can colide with other master

The easy way is at RTU level, you can sniff anything

Unfortunately I noticed it. How can I set ha in RTU mode using the USR-DR302 converter connected in LAN and Modbus network?
Could another way be node-red? I create a tcp listner and convert the traffic to the format that interests me. I have seen that if I create a TCP listner, a lot of traffic comes from the converter

Not exactly what you were asking but the GenMon project takes info from ModBus to send via MQTT.
This might help a little.