Modbus two byte fields in one word

From the Growatt docs

1100.Bat First Start High eight bit:hour   0-23
                     Low eight bit: minute 0-59

How would I go about constructing such in thing such that in the UI I have two separate fields, but they get constructed into one thing in modbus to read/write to the controller?

Will need 3 sensors: one for read/write to controller and 2 for the UI.

On the controller sensor, split up value on the on_value, then publish to the 2 UI sensors.
Same for the other way around: when either UI sensor’s value changes, again use “on_value” to compose the joined value and publish it to the controller sensor.

And to construct word from 2 bytes: (uint8_t)hour << 8 | (uint8_t)minute

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@scudderfish Hi,
Looks like you faced the same issue like me. Are you able to share your solution?

Thank you.

I’m afraid it’s lost to the mists of time. I got it working, but I then went in a different direction and that bit of config is gone :frowning: