Modbus used for the home automation

I want to a make a home automation for my home. So that I am decide to control all the bulbs and fans through the home assistant or phone. I am not connect all relays and senaor through the wifi network because my home is big. Wifi range is to small for my home automation. So that I am decide to implement modbus for connect all relays and sensor. I thing Modbus is more reliable and easy to implement because the wired connection. I want to connect 10 node. Each nodes contains or hold the few relays and some sensor such as temp and humidity CT sensors mmwave sensor motion sensor. And each nodes connect through each other. And last node is finally connected to think client or Ressbery pi which is operated home assistant os. Please solve my problem and give the feedback

I would have thought it would be easier and more flexible to extend your wifi network rather than create a wired Modbus network?

There is also the Ethernet component for a wired connection to an ESP32 but by this point I would have thought you’d be better off setting up new APs?

I am by no means a networking expert and am not very familiar with Modbus. Perhaps if you already have Modbus skills then that may also make it a more attractive option. I just offer these thoughts as I saw you didn’t have other responses yet.

If you must wire something I 'd take a look to something like KNX. Lot of everything that supports the protocol. Gateway to enable smart things with HA and similar.
Don’t know the costs in respect to other automation protocols…

Remember that your home should be able to live with your automation hub out of service. You must loose only cosmetic features,not core ones

If you already have the modbus devices then it’s another matter…

Modbus is just a protocol, it has nothing to do with wiring. What you are probably looking for is RS485 standard, often used when long wiring is necessary. Many Rs485 devices use modbus communication protocol, but for your own sensors and relays it would be inconvenient.