Modbus/WAGO: Some Coils are not written/read correctly

Good day everybody,

i have a strange phenomenon with my HA.

Hassio 6.6 64-bit runs on a Rpi3: core-2021.11.5 / supervisor-2021.10.8
My WAGO841 PLC is connected via Modbus. Currently, however, some Modbus addresses are neither written nor read - but only by the HA. If I use other tools to change the identical MB address, this also leads to a clean switch within WAGO - the status in the HA remains the same.

  - name: K1
    address: 12292  -> MX0.4
  - name: KL1
    address: 12288 -> MX0.0
  - name: KL2
    address: 12290 -> MX0.2
  - name: BLF
    address: 12295 -> MX0.7
  - name: BL
    address: 12296 -> MX0.8
  - name: DA
    address: 12298 -> MX0.10

The above is an example of the switch configuration (I wrote the MX for clarity).

  • Switching between 12292 and 12288 runs without problems, nothing else happens → no status change in the Modbus monitor or in the CodeSys recognizable.
  • Forced value in Codesys: no change in value is visible in the HA, but in the Modbus monitor
  • Value change via Modbus app: no value change visible in the HA, but in the Codesys

So it seems that communication on some memory addresses is not working.

The joke: the identical configuration had worked for a long time. I haven’t changed anything.

Has anyone already had similar experiences or has the Modbus integration been changed but undocumented?

Sorry this is an english language forum.

Hi Nick, oh sorry for that - I have edited the post :slight_smile:

No problem. There have been changes in the last couple of months