Modding the INA219 modules for 0-30A meter?

The “common” INA219 modules have a R100 shunt resistor fitted. Has anyone tried replacing the on-board R100 (0.1ohm) with 1R00 (0.01ohm)?
If so, how will the ESPHOME yaml code change? My guess is that I will need to “dig deeper”?
Where would the library for the INA219 for the esphome compiler live so that I can have a look at it?

Regards, Martin

I would also need to know how to measure 30A DC with INA219.

Since raising the question, I have gone off the idea of measuring the voltage drop across a resistor and switched to a Hall Effect device (in my case the ACS724LLCTR-20AU-S which is a unidirectional 0-20A - there is also a 0-30A version!).

Then .yaml then becomes a simple case of reading the INA219:

- platform: ina219
    address: 0x40
    id: acs724_current
      name: "ACS724 Current"
      accuracy_decimals: 2
      unit_of_measurement: "Amps"
        - offset: -0.548
        - multiply: 2.0 # The ACS724LLCTR-20AU-S 200mV/A scale

Regards, M.