Modern Forms add additional modes (breeze mode)

Since the modern forms integration was released I purchased a fan that has “breeze mode” but it’s not listed as an option in the home assistant device or as a service call. I’m hoping this is a feature request that can be added as the integration is supported/developed.

Screenshot 2021-09-30 172112

There’s also mention of attempting this in the third-party integration which is not actively maintained as the official integration is in place.

The main issue kinda talked about is that the API on the fan would need to support it. Its not a documented API and almost all the info about is is pulled from other libs or direct network sniffing. I don’t see the breeze mode in the application for my fan, so it might be specific on different fans. So far I’ve only seen that this is set-able with certain RF controllers. I know it doesn’t work with mine, but it may be older.

If it shows up on the phone application for your fan it would be possible to do network sniffing and find out whats being passed when its set. But it takes some good networking knowledge and tools.

Thanks for the clarification. I’m not actually sure how to do network sniffing properly, I quickly tried wireshark but I’m not convinced I’m seeing the right traffic info. I’m including some screenshots below.

You’re right about the older fans not having breeze mode. I have a few older fans that do not seem to have that functionality. I’ll try to mess with wireshark a bit more to be helpful (unless you have some guidance).

To be honest, I’m not seeing any traffic when I activate breeze mode. Breeze mode seems to have 3 speed levels separate from the normal 6 speeds.

I’m hoping @paulearley or @icemarkom could lend some input as they’ve been active on the third-party integration post.

You’re not going to see the traffic from your PC. Modern switching is all point to point, unless you can control the switch/access point and do mirroring. Im able to do it with a router in between the networks that my devices are on and some software on the router (pfsense router and ntopng).

What sort of Wifi access point are you using for the fan and phone?

I’m using a unifi ac pro access point and udm pro as the router.

You should be able to sniff traffic from the UDM Pro. I will work on this a bit as the boss would like to have Breeze mode from the HA control panel. I am assuming it is just a software speed ramp up/down with some kind of delay loop in the code of the fan control module.