Modify Cover Value

Hello all,

I use the Shelly 2.5 with Tasmota 12.1 in combination with Home Assistant for my shutters. I am also very satisfied with it, would only like to optimize it a bit for me.

When the shutter is fully open, the value 100 is sent via MQTT to the Shelly, when fully closed the value 0. In Tasmota, however, the value 0 also sets the tilt to 0, because completely closed.
Since it would be better for me the Tilt would remain, as with all other values, on the previously set value. Is it possible that I can modify the value beforehand with my slider? e.g. that if value 0 (completely closed) is selected, a 1 (99% closed) is sent as value to the Shelly?

Would be great if someone has an idea how I could implement this.

Many greetings and thanks