Modifying JS code in a HACS front-end component: changes not persisting

I’ve recently installed a front-end HACS component (Grocy card) and wanted to make some changes to the behavior of the card so I made those changes directly in the javascript source file.

I then realized that it wasn’t enough to change the js source file, I also had to update the gzipped source file.

However, there’s some weird HA-side caching going on, because depending on when I load the Lovelace page, it’s loading one of three different versions of this source file I’ve made over time. This is not a browser cache issue; I’ve tested across different browsers on different computers.


  1. In what scenarios is the gz vs js source used at runtime (or is it always the gz file)?
  2. What do I need to do to clear out the cached version of code that HA seems insistent on serving? Restarting HA entirely doesn’t help.