Modifying tradfri remote control


I’m just starting with home automation/assistant and i’m a little stuck. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Apart from other things the first thing I would like to get set up is my livingroom lighting. I’ve bought 13 Ikea Tradfri g10 spots. They are mounted in four groups (5, 3, 2, 3) in my living room. Although I have multipe tradfri remote controls I would like to control them with one remote control in combination with time settings.

My idea is to have one remote control and switch groups by using the arrow buttons on the control (normally for changing color). All other buttons should act like default (on/off, dimming). Ideally I would setup some sort of time scheme when it gets dark outside the lights go on automatically and the remote would be for overrides.

After searching I haven’t found too much info. I can see my remote in Home Assistant (i’m on but the only thing I see is the battery level. Is there somebody who did this already and willing to give me some pointers on how to set this up? Any help is much appreciated.

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The Ikea remote controls are not a sensor/swtich entity within Homeassitant and therefore cannot be used within homeassistant for buttontracking. The lights have the be paired to a remote and the tradfri gateway. You then always have the actual state of the lights, also when it is controlled by the remote control.
The only connection you have now is with the light and the current state: on/of, brightness and the battery status of the remote control.

Therefore you will not be able the change the default behavioure of the remote controls.

The Hue remote can be used as @bechrissed wants though, long thread on it here, so could that be paired to the Tradfri hub and used this way.

Everyone talks about pairing Tradfri bulbs to Hue hubs but I’ve only ever seen one mention of it the other way around which does work too.