Modular Sensor Node


Hi All
I am embarking on a new project with my son and wish to make something a little more visual for him. He has done the standard LCD with a DHT22 via Arduino that he has shown to his class which went down very well. Now we are looking at IOT & home automation for our next project.

First off we want to make a modular sensor made from a ESP8266 which will have the ability to connect one or multiple of the following

  • DHT11/22
  • UV Sensor
  • SGP30 Air Quality Sensor
  • Possible others
    We would need the ESP8266 to “Auto detect” which sensor has been inserted and set an appropriate child id etc which in turn will communicate with HASS and know what to do with it.

Mainly this is so when he shows this to the class we can add the sensors in any order to show how this could work.

What we really need to know is this possible at this stage or if it has been done before. Or if there is a good place to start.



This is the one that most people here build:

You would have to add your own code to make it modular and for the other sensors you mention but most of the hard work is done.


Thank you.