BRUH DIY Multisensor


Has anyone else built the BRUH multisensor? Just curious what everyone is using for enclosures? Also how you’ve mounted the temp/humidity sensor. My sensor reads about 7 degrees higher while in the box.(which makes sense)

Below is my first attempt. A bit rough but good enough for now.

Floorplan for Home Assistant
Modular Sensor Node

how are PIR and light sensor?


Looks good!

I ordered some project cases, almost half that size, but they have not arrived yet. I planned to ‘dremel’ out holes for the power and sensors so they are exposed. I will post pics IF everything ever arrives.


may I have a link?


I am still waiting for the parts to be delivered from aliexpress. I plan on doing the enclosure out of scrap wood I have left from an other project. And for a cleaner outcome, I will just stick some vinyl sticker with carbon fiber style to it.

I guess you should maybe do more slits on your enclosure (in the sides and on the top), in order to allow for more airflow to your temp sensor. Also, as your enclosure is all black, maybe do not put it in direct sunlight as it might get really warmer.


I am waiting for all the pieces as well right now. So far the board and temp units have arrived, just waiting on the PIR and lights sensors.


PIR and light sensors both work great. I’m actually only using the PIR and temp for right now. The PIR is super quick to detect motion and send it back to HA.


I was having a hard time judging the dimensions from descriptions online. I was looking for something about the size of my rPI 3 case. I will say that once you get all the parts and wires in there they take up more room than you’d think. I plan to make a few more so i’m just considering this my throw away (eventually) mock up.


I bought a 3D printer (this being a convenient excuse) and printed the one that Ben linked to in his video.

I’m still waiting on the damn LED - of all things - but in speaking with someone on the YouTube comments, I discovered that I could go ahead without it and add it later so I hope to get mine built this weekend.


Nice. Is that the Monoprice printer? I plan to get that as well. Just been spending too much money lately trying space some purchases out. Plus it’s constantly out of stock. (which has been helping with my impulse control)

I just got my LEDs yesterday. I actually set everything up but I’m only using PIR and Temp. If i decide I want LED and light sensor I can just plug them in and uncomment them in my config.


You won’t regret it. Works great. Takes a little bit of research and tweaking but really works great. I’m hooked and thinking of buying something with a larger build volume but for now I am trying to learn how to do my own models.

You’re better to wait as they go on sale pretty regularly. I got mine from Amazon.

Ben’s model and setting instructions served me well and the enclosures came out really nice and consistent.


Awesome. Thanks for the tip. Didn’t even think to look on Amazon (which is odd since I buy pretty much everything from there) just been going directly to MP’s site.


Yep, built one and 3d printed his design to realise i have a NodeMCU 0.9 and its too wide, so tweaked the design.
Still waiting for my temp sensor to arrive though so not fully operational. But it works great. I intend on putting on in each room, just need to work out how best to power it and place it.



Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


Reworked the box a bit. Cut the sides out completely and put some flexible plastic mesh behind it. Temp is pretty accurate now. Don’t mind the poor craftsmanship. Still working out techniques. :smile:


Actually, I was thinking it looks quite nice when I first saw it! Unless you have something like a Dremel tool, cutting those can be quite a pain. I think you did well and a coat of paint would cover any scratched areas, but unless it’s sitting out on your coffee table, I don’t think anyone would notice and have the same reaction I did, being impressed.



in Italy they asked me 25-35 euro for the 3d print of Bruh automation … for that amount of money I buy xiaomi pir sensor for 10$ and I am all set.

Still looking for effective cheap casing


Shouldn’t be hard to find. Do a Google search for your area for ‘electronics project cases’. Don’t know much about shopping in Italy, but if you have a local electronics chain or home improvement store that would be a place to ask.


Thanks man. A dremel is what i’m using. Tough to get nice edges because the plastic just melts. Also I super glued (the mess around the sensor) the PIR sensor in which was a mistake, that stuff is messy.Switched to hot glue for the rest of the project. I think I will try one more project box just for the fun of seeing if I can improve upon that idea. But I think i’m grabbing that 3D printer really soon.

Once you get yours together I’d be curious to see how everything “mounts” in the BRUH enclosure. Post up pics if you wouldn’t mind. :slight_smile: