Moes 4-Button Wireless Switch Configuration Help

Hello, I am kinda newbee to Home Assistant configuration but I have all the tools necessary to run Moss Moes 4-Button Wireless Switch ( I think ). I have listed my equipment down below.

I have paired Moes 4 Button Switch with my Zigbee Gateway, I can see the device at my HA however I can’t get it to work with my sonoff light switches. I have installed MQTT. and Zigbee2MQTT as well as blueprint for the the device. Watched alot of videos to configure MQTT and Zigbee2MQTT but somehow I wasn’t able to configure it. Can you possibly share walkthrough guide or YouTube video ?

Waiting on your feedback

Raspberry PI 4 B with HA Installed.
Zigbee Gateway Installed
Sonoff Gateway Installed
MQTT installed ( New User Account created )
Zigbee2MQTT ( Not fully configured )
Blueprint Installed
Hacs Installed
SSH Installed

I don’t understand what you want to do. You want to control a smart switch with another smart switch? It doesn’t work that way. Normally a smart switch controls a dumb light or appliance- not another smart switch.

I just want to control my lights and some other smart devices with Tuya 4 button device. I have sonoff single button, I can control my lights with singe, double and long press. I configured another sonoff button to lock and unlock my Yale Linus Door Lock for my office. Instead of single sonoff buttons, I want to configure 4 button device for other automations.

I have the same Tuya 4 button switch. ( though I use DeConz instead of Zigbee2MQTT)

Have you configured an automation using the blueprint to define what you want the switch to do?

Hello There again,

Finally I figured it out. It took me all day to do this since I am new to it.

I flashed my Sonoff Gateway with Tasmota and upload NCP UART EZSP firmware to it. After the flash process, I installed ZHA to HA and Magic happened. I can use all single, double and long press futures of Moes 4 button device. By flashing sonoff gateway, I was able to pair other Zigbee devices to sonoff, now I don’t have to use Zigbee gateway.

I followed below link instruction to get it done.

I hope this post can help others like me.