Moes 4-gang switch from Ali Express

Hi all,

Since I can only find help/info when using ZHA integration, which I’m not looking for, I\m posting the question here. I hope someone can help out.

I have bought two 4-gang Moes switches via Ali Express. Currently I have them added to my Zigbee Gateway (Silvercrest LIDL) where I have added all my Tuya devices. In Home Assistant it says it’s not supported by Tuya and I can only set scenes in the Tuya app, which kinda defeats the purpose of using Home Assistant for everything.

Here are my questions:

  • Is there a way, without using ZHA, to configure and set automations, in Home Assistant?
  • Is there a Zigbee gateway which does work, again without using ZHA, with these switches, so I can setup and program them in HA?
  • If I do need to use ZHA, I see that the SkyConnect dongle is a good alternative. Can I use all my Tuya devices via this Dongle?
  • If you have multiple floors, what is the best way to setup SkyConnect dongles?
    I was thinking of using USB-to-LAN for this purpose on every floor.



All Tuya gateways are basicly the same, so if it does not work with the Lidl gateway, no use to buy another Tuya gateway.

Probably, but no guarantee. Check for what is supported.

Using ZHA, you can only use one Skyconnect dongle. If you want to use more then one, you can use ZHA for one, and (one or more instances of) Zigbee2MQTT for the others.

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your reply. Ok, so Zigbee is Zigbee as long as it supports 3.0.
I thhought as much but always good to check.

I have found that Tuya cloud does see the device as a ZC-YED 四键场景开关(无遥控功能)but now what. I would really like to setup the switches in Home Assistant (scenes and automations) without buying new stuff again.