MOES BHT-002 Zigbee Thermostat not showing running_state

I have a Moes BHT-002 ZB Thermostat which I use with Zigbee2mqtt.
It works correctly, but it does not display the “running_state” , which should be present.
So, in HomeAssistant card it does not tell me if the boiler is on or in standby…

And in the HomeAssistant log I always have this Warning

please how can i solve?

I am using the same thermostat. It says is it heating active or not by attribute heat.
I created additionaly binary sensor to display status and to make further authomating easier:

- platform: template
        friendly_name: Thermostat heating active
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('climate.thermostat_moes_bht_002_gclzb_1', 'heat') == 'ON' }}

Hope this helps.

State of the thermostat itself can be heat or off an this indicates is it thermostat on or off. Another binary sensor:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: Thermostat heating active
        value_template: "{{ states('climate.thermostat_moes_bht_002_gclzb_1') == 'heat' }}"
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No, because the state is OFF or HEAT.
When the thermostat is physically off (display off) the status is OFF, when it is on but the boiler is off (inactive) it always displays HEAT.

And yes, belive me and try.
Measure the relay contacts if you don’t belive me and observe attribute heat.

I am not interested in knowing if the thermostat is on or off, but if it is heating up or in standby

Sorry, I’m giving up.

Hi @KameDomotics , in other words @IgorZg wanted to explain that you can rely on attribute heat to know whether it is heating up or in standby:
Values of heat attribute:
ON - means heating
OFF - means standby
It’s up to you how you’ll build your logic based on these values

Please don’t confuse it with system_mode attribute which is about state of thermostat.

The problem I was talking about was solved with an update of Zigbee2mqtt, the integration with this device had problems.
Now everything works correctly.