Moes BRT-100 TRV controls

I have purchased a bunch of the Moes BRT 100 TRV’s and integrated them through Z2M. All working pretty fine, some calibration and automation left, but then I am happy.

Just one (or two) things I do not understand; the control of the Eco Mode and Boost Mode. In Z2M, I see these are 2 toggles and basically the only 2 which really matter in switching operating mode. They show up through the MQT Broker and I can turn them on and off, so far so good. What I would prefer though is a “proper” integration through the climate platform, where these operating modes are listed as “HVAC Modes”.
Maybe this picture helps in clarifying:

I would expect the “boost”, “eco” and “normal” mode would be listed here. Is there any way of accomplishing this? It would make controlling them through the scheduler component much easier.

Sorry I don’t have the anwser to your question, but can you me if you can get the position of opening of the valve.
I mean “get % opening” not “setting the position”.
Thanks for your anwser.

I see the valve opening percent in Z2M, but not exposed to Homeassistant. I also believe that value only has 5 states; 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% and does not update very quickly…

Hi, sensor radiator valve position is exposed to home assistant. I have the same trvs.
I was experimenting a bit with thermostat cards but I found out that this valves works the best in programming mode.
As eco mode goes you can turn on or off eco mode calling service turn on/off. I think it’s the same for boost mode.
This is how I have it in my ha

Sorry, you are correct, they do get exposed. And yes…I also use automatons to set boost it exists mode. Just thought there works be a nicer way, if these options world be available under the climate entity…

Currently “heat" or “off” has no function.

Btw… The Window Detection… Haven’t figured out how that works. Cannot find anything info on that. Do you know how that works?

I don’t. I have it enabled but it never was triggered. Maybe it depends were you radiator is. It is below window and you left window open it should turn off valve when it detect significant drop of temperature.
But I started to install contact sensors inside window frame. For now I have three of them to control when window or balcony door is open or closed.

Yes, I am on that path too. Just still need another 9 to get my entire house covered. So maybe I need to start being nice to Santa Claus😂

Hi Daniel, could you explain how you got this panel, when I use the thermostat card I don^t see all the values … what do you mean with “… programming mode …” Thanks !

I installed better thermostat from hacs. And you are right, this card for now, doesnt have heating modes. But I also use entity card for entity climate_some_radiator_valve where you can change radiator valve mode. You can change this mode in z2m also.
If you mean on this card I posted here it’s just an entity card using radiators entites.

OK, clear, thank you for the hint !!!

Is it normal behavior to frequently turn on and off?