Moes MS-105 Dimmer

Hello, I have a MS-105 dimmer, I was able to use it in HA using local tuya integration, but I would like to flash it using esphome. Do you know if it is possible?


Yes, it’s probably using tuya mcu like most tuya dimmers.

thanks for your answer, do you have some example how to flash the device using tuya mcu?


You can use cloudcutter if the firmware isn’t patched yet

Or serial method

As for configuring tuya mcu, you can google for those

Hello @ferbulous thank you so much, I was able to flash it using ota following the video you attached.

I’ve documented what I’ve found

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Quick question, if the lights already at 80 % or 20%
Would long pressing dim it down or increase the brightness?
Which action is the default?

it is a bit tricky, if last time you long press it was increasing, it continues to increase until 100% and then will go down. Viceversa if last time you long press it was dimming down it will continue and then when reach the 0% it starts to increase.

I’ve tested it several time switching on/off the light and/or disconnecting the device from the power network.

Thanks, so it just resumes the last action and inverts once it reaches minimum or max brightness

Yep, it is correct.