Moes smart switch - router interference


I am just starting out building my Zigbee network.

I have one Moes Smart Socket that is plugged in the hallway and connects to my Sonoff coordinator. Now, after I purchased Moes Light Switch and connected it to HA via Moes Smart Socket, the state of Light Switch would often go out of sync, or it would turn on/off on its own.

At first, I thought it was due to interference caused by serial connection of multiple lights on the same circuit (there are two live wires that go into the switch). But, after re-connecting directly to coordinator (that is further away), all the problems went away.

Other devices connected via this Smart Switch do not have any issues with running, that is Aqara Curtain Driver and other Light Switch, but this one is on a dedicated circuit.

I am quite curious as to what is going on here and I am pretty sure that the answer to this will be obvious to you! Appreciate any pointers!


Overall, turns out Moes Smart Plug is just a very bad repeater. Maximum LQI was like 80, and there was 2m between devices.

Replaced with Sonoff ZBMini Repeater and everything is now around 120-150. The connection stability is much improved, and random issues are gone.

I am now going to install it in a few strategic places, and call it a day!