MOES Temperature & Humidity Sensor battery level incorrect

Can’t seem to find the correct thread. I ended up using a quirk to get this working initially. The battery level is 100% on the display and only 4% on the integration.

Anyone know if there is a better quirk or if I should just delete the quirk and let HA discover it?

# Device info
by _TZ3000_itnrsufe
Connected via [Zigbee Coordinator](
Zigbee info
IEEE: a4:c1:38:ba:23:a0:a3:c1
Nwk: 0x7e7a
Device Type: EndDevice
LQI: 76
RSSI: Unknown
Last Seen: 2023-08-29T10:14:18
Power Source: Battery or Unknown
Quirk: zhaquirks.tuya.ts0201.MoesTemperatureHumidtySensorWithScreen

You probably need to modify the quirk or create a new one, regardless suggest creating a new issue in the ZHA Device Handlers repository for discussion →

Thank you, I’ve asked for Github support.