Moes thermostat. HA says 4deg... WHY! its 20deg!

I’m just starting with Home Assistant and have added all my devices in the house but one (the thermostat) is just reporting rubbish on the dashboard.

I bought the Moes unit from Amazon over 2 years ago and have intergrated it via the Tuya intergration but while the unit and app agree the temperature (19-20 deg C) HA say 4 deg C!!!

I’ve had a look online and can’t understand why the HUGE discrepancy. Alexa and Google both read the right temperature its just HA that has the issue…

Any help with this would be greatful while I get my head round HA so please be gentle with me :slight_smile:

I’m pretty frugal (or as my family say “TIGHT!”) so the themostat doesn’t get used very often but getting it into HA is the ultimate goal obviously.

Many thanks!

multiply it by 5x, and you will get correct value. Behavior in 2022.5 is because of this PR: Tuya correct scaling by starkillerOG · Pull Request #69348 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Root cause probably lies in the Moes thermostat device itself, as it might not follow Tuya guidelines as wrong values are also visible in Tuya IoT Developer platform. Home Assistant 2022.4 has applied 5x multiplier which did not follow official Tuya documentation, therefore it worked for Moes thermostats, but not for some other devices. This was changed with PR mentioned above.

I am not putting too much hopes on Tuya or Moes fixing it, but Frenck has hinted it might be looked into at later time:
It is known to break some thermostats (like Moes).
We should look into quirk handling.