Moes Thermostat woes ... valves do not shut fully

I am a bit confused on how to control my shiny new space heater valve thermostats. (Specifically: CN-Hysen HY368-ZB _TZE200_cpmgn2cf TS0601 Moes I 1439 )

So far I am using them in manual mode (on the thermostat) which corresponds to the “keine Voreinstellung” (no preset?) mode in the HA GUI:


This works fine most of the time, but every once in a while one of the thermostats does not close fully even though it thinks it does:


Temperature is rising non stop after 15:00, valve is clearly not fully closed as evident from flowing noises. Re-running the initial calibration process seems to solve this issue.

There is a “Switch” in the control panel, which I think disables the thermostat? Ie no control is happening anymore, the valve will stay in position.

My question here is: is this “unscheduled” rise in temperature a software or a hardware fault? Am I controlling the thermostats incorrectly? Or is this a result of buying the cheapest stuff on AliExpress?

Hi there, this is my first post. So i had exactly the same problem. Sometimes the valve seemed to just not fully close. After searching the net for hours I found this article:

It refers to different valve modes. Especially about “soft close” and “hard close” of the valve seems to be important. The default is “soft close” dont know what it is supposed to mean but apparantly using the setting “hard close” solves the issue.

I also checked the manual the part with the valve-setting is definitely there. Soooooo for every one who is searching for it. Here is a link to the manual.

I will check if the new setting actually solves my problem the next couple of days.

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