Moes TRV TS0601 - valve position, overheating

I am having a hard time figuring out why my TRV’s behave a certain way. Overheating is almost constant, and the valve position sometimes cannot be explained.

My setup:

  • I use 2 Moes TS0601 TRV’s connected with Z2M in Home Assistant with Better Thermostat
  • Both BT’s are configured with swapping auto/heat, otherwise it does not work. I think this is the right configuration för these TRV’s, as confirmed on this topic.
  • BT configuration is offset-based
  • overheating protection in the BT configuration is enabled
  • I use simple thermostat cards where I also added the Valve position % that Z2M can deliver directly with the integration
  • the external sensors are Xiaomi BLE sensors flashed with the prvv custom firmware
  • The boiler itself is controlled by a central thermostat. Due to this it can happen that the TRV would call for heat, but the boiler does not react as the room where the central thermostat is is already at the desired temperature. The central thermostat will eventually be replaced ny a relay switch, so individual thermostats can call for heat on demand.

With all that said, I noticed that the target temperature, the current temperature and the valve position are not in direct correlation. I am having a hard time understanding the connection.

I changed the valve setting on one of the TRV’s to ON/OFF. What I see post that is that the valve position is pretty much 0 or 100%, there is barely anything in-between.
Even so, you see that the valve position is often fully open even though the situation would not call for it (room temp is above target temp)

If I set the valve type to PID on the TRV itself - and this is the setup I use in the bedroom, as it’s the default on the TRV - then the graph looks at least a bit more consistent, but still it overheats big time.

Still, there are situations when the system opens the valve for seemingly no reason. The room temp is higher than the target temp. In this case, even though the simple thermostat card says the state is “idle”, if the valve is open at 25% and the boiler is running (which is the case if the living room calls for heat), it will also heat the the bedroom

Is this a case of improper configuration, or this kind of overheating should be acceptable with setups like this? Is it a matter of the TRV reacting too slowly or the BT AI algorithm doing its own thing? If I were to use a more expensive, generally well-received TRV (Shelly, Tado Honeywell etc.) would I experience the same?

Hi, I’m experiencing very similar issues.

From reading around I’ve concluded it’s the hardware of the device, specifically that it uses a measure of resistance in the motor to determine how closed a valve is. For this reason, it fairly regularly gives up closing before it’s done.

Things that might help you, but which didn’t help me:

  • find a way to lubricate where the TRV contacts the valve pin. I tried lithium grease.
  • newer valves may be easier to push (but I have brand new and 20 year old valves and multiple brands in my setup and can’t recommend anything specific)
  • create and automation to fully increase then decrease temp daily, to unwork any valves stuck open

The ultimate hardware solution I think would be some kind if bearing which stops the valve from GRINDING as is presses down the TRV pin, but that’s beyond my DIY skills.

My vague hope is that Moes, Tuya or someone out there produces more robust firmware which compensates for the shiity design and components inside.

I am looking for a good recommendation to replace these, if anyone has one…