Moes TuYa TS0601 TRV with Zigbee2MQTT - how to setup programming_mode in the Zigbee2MQTT web UI?

Hi guys, newbie here in regards to Zigbee2MQTT.

I was able to add my TuYa TS0601 TRVs to Zigbee2MQTT (latest version as of Feb 9th 2023) but I failed setting up a 5+2 schedule in the section programming_mode in the Zigbee2MQTT web UI and activate it thereafter.
As of TuYa TS0601_thermostat control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT the fields in the programming_mode section have to be text. So I tried the values “06:00/20°C 08:00/15°C 11:30/15°C 12:30/15°C 17:30/20°C 22:00/15°C” (without quotation marks) for workdays_schedule and holidays_schedule with a 5+2 mode without success.

BTW: HA supervised and the add-ons Zigbee2MQTT and Mosquitto are up to date. I looked at the OTA tab in the Zigbee2MQTT web UI and after a check it offers firmware updates from version 85 to 87.

Can anybody give me a hint on how to add schedules?


Looks like nobody is experiencing a need to solve the problem… :frowning_face:


Hi, Nope, it’s not only you having this problem. I am too.

I am having those versions:

_TZE200_dv8abrrz (this one I am not sure is supported as of now)

In zigbee2mqtt section within “Exposes” tab of above TRV I can see section:

Sadly I can’t set it up from GUI.

I know there is a way of changing it via Terminal, just haven’t found/figured it out yet.

Temporarily I abandoned this cause I have started using Node-Red and was wondering if it would be possible to achieve same within.

EDIT: I might have different TRV cause mine is pointing to TS0601_thermostat_1

But, problem remains same.

Thanks for the Feedback @IoTer !
My devices seem of newer production date or just different producer than yours. At least from the looks on the photos on the zigbee doc site.
Your programming_mode section looks different to mine. See here:

It is really a pity that there is not much help on setting up a schedule like it’s done manually on the TRV. I added the custom scheduler card for my zigbee devices to the lovelace tab with the climate control so Home assistant now controls eco / comfort mode. Screenshot from 2023-02-27 01-19-08

I can bare with my solution as the setup can be changed via the browser or the HA app which is great.

I am using it with ZHA without any issues. I make schedules with the Scheduler component and lovelace scheduler card. I suggest to take that way, it works perfect ant intuitive. Even nice history logs and graphics are possible (heating on/off, target temp and measured temp). I even pair the thermostats wit IKEA window sensors to turn off the heating if window is open with a simple automation.

Using the same thermostats over the smartlife app and tuya integration was a PITA.