MOES Tuya ZigBee CO Detector

Does anyone have any experience of this device?!GBP!32.40!13.99!!!291.33!125.77!%40211b441e17169763759574201e4a22!12000037695713437!sea!UK!2575567091!&curPageLogUid=mYpmwTOTVNSz&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A

I had a quick search and not found anything. As it is safety related I don’t wont to buy something that is going to give false data.


Those kind of devices are hard to test (a bit like smoke detectors), so there is part of blind trust involved, here.

Moes is a good brand amongst the cheap chinese ones, and if it indeed got the EN 50291 certification, as shown on the box, it should be ok.

Well as the CO detector I have is out of date, they only last 5 - 7 years (apparently), and the cheapest at Screwfix is £15.83, its got to be worth a shot.

I will run it along side the one I have already for some time just to be sure. I will report back when i get it installed. If I am not dead :slight_smile:

Haha. If we don’t hear back from you, I guess it’ll mean the device is not so trustable, after all :joy:

Well, i promised to report back if I was still alive :slight_smile:

I am still breathing, and it has not detected anything yet. I can only assume it is working. It was easy to connect to z2m, and has proved stable for the last few days. Time will.tell.

How do you test a CO alarm?

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Never tried it, but i saw a Youtube video on how to do it.
Put the device in a box with a small burning object. Now close the box airtight.
And wait for the alarm to be triggered.

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