MOES Tuya Zigbee RF433 + HomeAssistant + Alexa working?


I would like to buy the following smart roller shutter switch:

I saw that this zigbee device works with ZHA and it should also work with Amazon Alexa. Now is my question if this combination will work.

I am having HomeAssistant Docker with a zigbee stick and a Amazon Echo 5 Show 2023 (without a Zigbee Hub).

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advanced.

Assuming you have a working Zigbee network, it sounds as if you should be able to control the switch with Home Assistant, like any other Zigbee device.

For voice control, you would need to expose it to Alexa in Home Assistant (which would require a Nabu Casa subscription).

At the moment I am only using the emulated hue integration for zigbee devices in homeassistant for the voice control with Alexa. So the nebulu cloud is the only solution?

I am also ordered the folliwing switch:

these working via wifi and tuya/smart life app (cloud). this should work with HA and Alexa without any subscription, right?

Ah, I’m not familiar with Emulated Hue, but from the docs it looks as if both would work without a subscription.

the problem with emulated hue is that it just emulates devicesas lamp means it only has an on and off status. for smart plug is this enough but not for devices like roller shutter switch where dou have more conditions.

Sounds as if you need to go full Zigbee, then.

For the Z2M integration, check on their devices page to make sure your switches are supported. Alternatively, for ZHA check the GitHub issues page to see whether anyone enlse has reported problems with them.

There are several Community Guides: