Moes UFO-r11 error: Message too long?

Hi! So I recently got a Moes UFO-r11 IR blaster to try to control my old Mitsubishi mini-split. It seems to work fine, I can learn end send codes from Z2M and it works and the mini-split responds as intended.

But when I try to make an automation or send from home assistant it fails, with a message that the code is too long:

(Sorry about the Norwegian bit, message translates roughly too “Could not call service:…”

Any Ideas to fix this? Can the messages be shortened somehow?

I had the same issue sending the PowerOn command to my air conditioner via “Set value for IR Remote Schlafzimmer Ir code to send”. The PowerOff IR command is shorter and no problem. For longer codes use a MQTT publish action:

service: mqtt.publish
metadata: {}
  topic: zigbee2mqtt/IR Remote Schlafzimmer/set
  payload: >-

where IR Remote Schlafzimmer is the friendly name of my Moes device.