Moes Wi-Fi Switch Module Pinout

I got some pinouts from a cheap china esp module for ESPHome.
Back of the PCB says AH-Z26 Rev:B and has the TYWE3S module inside.
Got it to flash using tuyaconvert.

These ones here:

Switch Input: GPIO12, inverted
Relay Output: GPIO13
Buzzer: GPIO4

Is there a ‘right’ place to post pinouts etc? Im new, but this is the second device i have figured out now, and might as well make sure i put it all in the right place?

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Cookbook section. However adding material there isn’t as easy as adding a post here.
You’ll have to check out the contrib info on esphome site.


Is this kind of a shelly clone? But with the same pricing (~10€/unit)?

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Hey @orange-assistant
very similar i guess, but you cant get too much different with a relay and an esp8266… so i wouldnt call it a clone, but same same.

It’s actually a bit bigger than a shelly, but a touch cheaper ($43.30 USD vs 52.23 USD shipped to my door for 4 units)

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Is that a China Export mark, or a genuine CE mark on the device?

If a ‘genuine CE’ really exists there is probably made in china (too) :smile:

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I think with the switch input and the size (to put it under a wall switch) shelly was kind of the pioneer in this market… Still hope prices go down the drain so that it doesn’t hurt much to put them behind all wall switches. Just catched some shrinked sonoff basic clones (still to big for the wall switch and for sure no switch input) for 4€/each with free shipping. That would be nice price tag for these devices I think :wink:

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esphomeguru like this thing :two_hearts:

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Thanks for the pin-out. I successfully flashed it OTA with Tasmota. Your pin-out helped with the configuration. It is working like a charm.

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No problem! glad it helped you out!

Actually the new Sonoff mini is like 8€ ( shipped. But now I wonder how far one switch input and one relay will last. Also it’s not flash friendly (small solder pads)

Maybe invest 14-16€ and get a whole wall mounted switch with 1,2 or 3 push buttons and relays. Wifi Wall Switch WITHOUT TOUCH (1,2 or 3 Gang) - #36 by tribut but guess - even less flash friendly. Without soldering :stuck_out_tongue:

the one i used is nice as the relay pins are brought out, so if you want to use it as a garage door opener trigger or something, you can (which is what i’ll use it for next)

Does anyone know if this thing is dimmable?

Doesn’t look like ot from the pinouts given above. Take a look here though

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QS-WIFI-S03 as pictured above is a relay and switch only.

There is a dimmer available as well. Different device though so no idea on pinouts. I have one, but never played with it as it wasnt supported by ESPHome (at the time, it is now)

Linking to this thread - topic is the same device. Hope it’s helpful.

Edit - not the same device! looks the same .

Jacob - unfortunately they’re not the same device. This thread is a Tuya model (i now have several of these aswell!!) that does Tuya-Convert. The functionality is broadly the same…230V switch input + relay out. These are however a 10A relay. the switch input is detected differently. - this unit recieves a 50HZ signal on the GPIO when the switch is closed. So a long press, short press etc can all be detected and used for different actions if you want.

The other thread is not Tuya (its ewelink/sonoff based) with a 16A relay and a different switch detection.

@DeanoX - Agreed … and (see other thread) … even the other device isn’t the same device. I have two that look the same (package, case) but on the inside - very different. I was able to flash one with Tasmota but not the other.

Hello, I have this device without dimmer, I need to use with two channels for rollershutter with Tasmota blind option,
I tried flashing with tuya-convert but withoutc succes, Could someone help me with the GPIO mapping? thanks