Momentary Contact Conversion: Hubbell Residential Decora Switch (RSD115)

I plan on using some of the shelly dimmers to install in wall behind some dumb switches. I’d like to do be able to dim at the wall if needed. There are videos online that show how to do this with a few switches, but the switch Lowes sells is different. I thought I’d share how I did it. Total cost is just the price of the switch as no additional parts are needed. Depending on color this switch ranges from $1.98 to $2.48. You can buy momentary switches online that are the same style, but they are $13+ each.

Hubbell X-Clamp Single-Pole White LED Rocker Light Switch - RSD115WZ
Hubbell X-Clamp Single-Pole Black LED Rocker Light Switch - RSD115BKZ
Hubbell X-Clamp Single-Pole Ivory LED Rocker Light Switch - RSD115IZ
Hubbell X-Clamp Single-Pole Brown LED Rocker Light Switch - RSD115Z
Hubbell X-Clamp Single-Pole Light Almond LED Rocker Light Switch - RSD115LAZ

1 - Pull the rocker plate off.

2 - Pull the contact out of the switch. Pay attention which is top for both the switch and the contact.

3 - Flatten the prong out on the top. Leave the bottom one as normal.

4 - Put the contact back in.

5 - Pull out the foam cylinder at the top of the switch.

6 - I don’t know what this is called, but pull it out of the rocker plate.

7 - Separate the plastic part from the spring and put it back in the hole, pointy side up.

8 - Push the foam cylinder into the the same hole on the rocker, over the plastic piece.

9 - Push the spring into the hole left when you removed the foam cylinder.

10 - Reinstall the rocker plate. You are done. Test with a multi-meter.

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