Momentary gpio switch. Having some wiring problem that i need advice

Hey guys,
I have already (successfully) set up a momentary switch with this configuration:

Everything works great on a testing breadboard environment. Getting rebust on/off readings.

The problem appears when i wire my actual doorbell to replace the breadboard one.
It is a Legrand momentary doorbell switch (sorry, cant find an english website).
The switch is connected to my rpi in a peculiar way:

  • Around 10-15m of distance is run by a pair of old door camera cables (the camera died so i repurposed its cables to doorbels, and it runs from my front door to the main area where all the cables are)
  • and another 4-5m are run by a pair of wires within an ethernet cable which end up on my breadboard.

When the actual doorbel is connected through this configuration i get a lot of weird behaviors. Although i can see it responds to the switch presses i get a lot of constant on readings and i need to repress the bell to get to off and generally wrong readings.

I know that there’s a million things that could be wrong and that the best way would be to just get a wifi bell and stop looking into it but i would like to hear your opinion.
I also know that i should be asking about this on but those guys are far too advanced for me and i can rarely even understand their answers :smiley:

Perhaps some change on the resistors would help me get more clear readings?
Any pointers before i give up? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

Note: Actually the breadboard did work till last night, cant get it to work this morning, although nothing’s changed, but im guessing a restart should fix it, ill try it later.