Momentary switches to suit Australian installation - recommendations

What switches do you use with the Shelly/Sonoff, relays? I’m looking for an affordable momentary push button that can be used with 240v wiring. I want to be able to press to dim

I have been recommended These which you can get for about $20 but that will quickly add up.

I’m interested in what other people are using. Are there international solutions? Are there any disadvantages to using them?

Clipsal Saturn Zen (dim blue led, can add icons, round push buttons). Probably not the cheapest.
Drop in replacements from Trader is probably the cheaper they seem okay push buttons.
The Drop in clipsal push is good 30PBBP-WE basic but do the job (the ones you linked).

I wouldn’t cheap out on the switches personally pressing and having them push in or breaking calls for a fun sparky visit, unless they are supplying, but that’s your call :slight_smile:

Sparky wise some of mine don’t charge much more full panel replacement verse drop in. So look at what you want out of this.

I’m looking for a solution too but I think I will go for low or zero foltage switches… Haven’t found anything that looks good for a decent price though…

I ended up going for these instead. I have flashed them with ESP home and they are working great.
cheaper than shelly/sonoff and button combo and very neat. they fit perfectly in the old Australian plates. .
I got the ones that need a natural because I was getting some other electrical work done anyway and i have found ‘no neutral’ devices to be flaky in the past.
shelly now sells a wall plate to go with their relays but I dont think that there is an Australian/NZ option.

Zemismart WiFi Wall Push Light Switch

Cool, yeah I did buy one of those for testing but can’t seem to be able to flash it. What method did you use?

I did also grab one of the Athom switches already flashed with Tasmota and this works well, but they only have single gang versions that fit into a NZ/AUS wall box.

Hi, do you use the Clipsal Saturn Zen with a Shelly Dimmer? How has it held up?

This is how I use it, but to be honest the Saturn zen momentary switches have been very finicky and I’ve had to replace many of them.