Monitor a Json file at a url for a specific term or value

Hey guys,

I run a virtual radar server which gets data from a number of ads-b feeders around my state, I want to be able to get TTS notifications when particular flights or aircraft enter range of my network if receivers.

I can get a Json data feed of the currently visible aircraft, but the exact location of the string I want to be notified about may change depending on a number of factors.

Is there any way to search the file for any mention of a specific string ?

I think node red might be my best chance ?

Eg I want a tts notification when a flight with route HND to SYD appears, or a callsign VH-OJA, Etc.

Similar to what this does, but in home assistant.

And here’s the Json:

Note it may be empty if you’re checking it in USA daytime… Depends how busy the air is here in Sydney.

Thank you!

Pull in all the data like this (RESTful - Home Assistant):

  - resource:
      - name: "Aircraft list"
        value_template: "{{ value_json['stm'] }}"
          - acList

Then use template sensors to pick out specifics. For example, a template binary sensor that you can set up in the UI with a state template of:

{{ 'VH-OJA' in state_attr('sensor.aircraft_list', 'acList')|map(attribute='Reg')|list }}

will go true if there is an item listed with Reg (I assume you meant that rather than callsign?) of VH-OJA.

You can then trigger a TTS automation from that binary sensor.

Not used NR before (nor do I intend to), but I’d be surprised if it’s any easier than what I’ve proposed and demonstrated.