Monitor and controll the modem Technicolor TC4400 by HA

Hi @all,

I use the modem Technicolor TC4400 to be connect to the www. Sometimes I lost my connection and have to make a power cycle to be connected again.

Do you know any option to reboot this modem by home assistant? And monitor the connection?

Thx and regard

This post is a bit old, but just in case someone is interested - I made a script that scrapes the TC4400’s web interface and publishes signal parameters to MQTT, in a format that Home Assistant can discover the modem.

You can run it from any computer that has a working mosquitto_pub and can see the modem and the MQTT broker. You can also run it on the Home Assistant instance itself, even though it’s not the pinnacle of elegance for that.

The TC4400 exports 450-ish parameters, about 75 of them are signal parameters that change, most of the rest is static information. You will not need anywhere near all that. You could monitor the connection status and write an automation that power cycles the modem using a smart plug e.g. as soon as the modem’s connection status stops being Operational for more than five minutes.