Monitor and ESPresense

I’ve been using ESPresense successfully to monitor the location of my cat and his BLE collar around the house. In the garden, I now have a Pi 3b running a live-streaming camera and a few sensors, powered by PoE.

The garden is cat proof, so he can come and go as he likes.

I’ve just installed monitor (GitHub - andrewjfreyer/monitor: Distributed advertisement-based BTLE presence detection reported via mqtt) on the Pi. How could I configure it so he shows up in the graphs alongside ESPresense?

This is in my yaml:

  - platform: mqtt_room
    device_id: "tractive:f190349a9914"
    unique_id: "CatBLE"
    name: "cat_ble"
    state_topic: "espresense/devices/tractive:f190349a9914"
    away_timeout: 600

From this, I can use the sensor.cat_ble to display his current location on a dashboard card. How can I configurate it so when he is in the garden, the MQTT info from Monitor registering him there goes into the same sensor?