Monitor change of attribute change on multiple entities?

been racking my brain trying to see if there is a way to monitor the change of two attributes within two separate entities in a single node. The use case is monitoring thermostat changes in the house. i have two thermostats upstairs and downstairs. i am trying to trigger a flow if the attribute values of target_temp_high or target_temp_low change (not to a specific value). The reason for this is that i have some logic that sets the thermostats to specific temps, but if someone is uncomfortanle, i want them to be able to walk up to the thermostat, change it, then have the automation re-set things back to the standard after a period of time (like 30 minutes). I was troying with the trigger state node, but it seems to fail at the conditions since only one side of the temperature would change:

anyone have ideas on how to trigger this in a single node?

That section of the trigger node, all conditions must be true for it to output. Delete those conditions and move them down to the next section.


Use the two bottom outputs


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had never occurred to me to use the outputs, thank you!