Monitor Heat Pump starts

Hi everyone, i am pretty new to HA, so please excuse any dumb questions :wink:
I am currently running a HA to monitor my Daikin Altherma Heatpump - therefore i use an ESPAltherma giving me all relevant information linke Fluid temps etc.

What I am trying to achieve is: Make a Counter to count the Heat Pump Starts. This could be done (so do i think) by counting the times the voltage goes up, Fan starts to spin etc. But i have no clue, where and how to start.

This is not something that I think would work well in a blueprint, and as a rookie I highly suggest when writing your own you use the automation editor to keep your syntax correct.
That said I suggest removing the blueprint part of the topic and let it go into configuration, then in the tags use the automation tag. That will get you a better audience for this question.

How I would generally go about this is create a input_number helper and then create an automation that triggers whenever whatever you want to happen, happens. The action for the automation would be to add 1 to the input_number helper that you created. Then in the dashboard display that input_number helper.

If my answer or someone elseโ€™s is the one that is the most help to you, it is helpful to all to click the solution button and close up the topic.

I would also be interested in what formula, based on entities from ESPAltherma, could be used to calculate the number of activations of the compressor, that is, the heat pump via ESPAltherma. Thanks for the ideas

service: input_number.set_value
  entity_id: input_number.activations
  value: "{{ states.input_number.activations.state|float(0) + 1}}"