Monitor your cryptocurrency mining on Ethermine, Flexpool and 2miners!

Unfortunately it looks like I am not able to send PMs because my account is brand new. But you can also get a random ETH address from top miners list of Flexpool: Miners Leaderboard |
I think you should also be able to work with one of these addresses?

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I’ll take a look, if I can get an address that’s all I need :slight_smile:

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Mine shows as unknown today…not getting any info out of the sensor.

Mine stopped as well, looks like a change in how Ethermine’s API returns data.

Luckily (for me) it seems the API isn’t returning data at all, which for now at least means the component doesn’t have to be updated. What this does mean is that no data will be displayed until the API starts providing the data requested.

Appears my initial assessment was wrong! :slight_smile:

The API is however still at fault - without documentation or notification the API no longer returns a value for unconfirmed rewards, and as such I’ve removed it from EthermineInfo.

A new release has been published and you will be prompted by HACS to update shortly. If you have installed manually, please redownload the files from the EthermineInfo repository.

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Noob here: when I put exactly this in my configuration.yaml my HA chocks on that. What do I need to change?

What is the exact error you’re seeing in the logs?

After putting this in, I do a Config Check and I get this:

Error loading /config/configuration.yaml: while parsing a block mapping
in “/config/configuration.yaml”, line 2, column 1
expected , but found ‘-’
in “/config/configuration.yaml”, line 131, column 1

This goes in the sensors section of your config after you have installed the custom component. Have you installed it yet? Are you familiar with adding sensors via yaml?

Sorry, no. :sweat:

Got to walk before you can run :wink:

Learn how to use the configuration.yaml file
Understand how YAML works (this will help with the error you pasted above)
Learn to add custom components.
Learn how to add template sensors.

I have read that last one already but I have no clue what I am doing wrong…

You need to do all the rest first. The template sensor is the last step, and if the error present doesn’t make sense you need to make sure you understand YAML and the configuration file.

Why don’n you add one big working example of all sensors to the distribution?
I have got it working I only need to display it on a card.

Because I can’t anticipate all the sensors you might want or need.

I give up, never mind, i will remove it.

good luck.

Well the other ~200 pulls seem to have gotten it working without much effort so I’d like to think the docs are sufficient.

There’s a level of familiarity with Home Assistant expected by the time you get around to installing custom components which you haven’t shown here. I gave you the resources by which you can learn the things you need to learn to get this set up, but I’m sorry that wasn’t enough for you.

This component is provided as-is. Genuine issues with the component will be investigated but support for the core mechanics of Home Assistant is not something I’m going to provide further than the resources I shared with you earlier.

No problem, this is clearly not enough for a noob like me to get it working.
Maybe you can think about adding documentation and examples for the beginners demographic.

For now, I will use just an app on my phone to track.

Do you know if i can do something similar with other coins? I’m trying to find out how to create my own integration to monitor several of my wallets.